ArcheAge: Warm Up With These Spring Deals

Beginning February 20th, 2020 and lasting until March 5th, 2020 you can
pick the newest battle pet that shows looks can be decieving or a firey
phoenix that is sure to bring it’s restorative powers with you to

Sunflower Power
It’s important to know who your allies truly are in battle, and this cute Hamster is sure to make you feel safe! Underneath the fluffy and snuggly exterior lies some serious firepower. Chadwick the Bold is his name and don’t wear it out! This hamster can assist you in battle by fearing your enemies and throwing sunflower seeds! Chadwick can also pep himself up to buff his PvE damage.

Chadwick Crate – 450 Credits
Chadwick the Bold – 650 Loyalty

Soar with the Phoenix
Rise from the ashes with the Fledgling Phoenix! This powerful pet is dangerous to keep in captivity, having it amongst your side will only make you stronger in battle. The healing power of a Phoenix’s feather is not to be discounted, as it truly could be life or death in the heat of battle. That’s not all, obtain an auto-loot powerstone as a bonus!

Wrapped Fledgling Phoenix – 3500 Credits
BONUS: Auto-Loot Powerstone

Packs for your Needs
Get more out of your costume with costume synthesis! Grab the Costume Synthesis Pack to get almost everything you need for your Costume synthesis needs.
The Treasure Hunt Pack gives you consumables to get more out of your mob farms and grinds by increasing the rate you get that sweet loot!

Costume Synthesis Pack – 1800 Credits
Treasure Hunt Pack – 1500 Credits

Don’t wait up, as Chadwick flies away with all these goodies in 2 weeks!