ArcheAge: Unchained: Keep Your Head in the Clouds

Beginning February 20th, 2020, you will be able to glide in style with
two new Glider Image Customizations. Will you choose the Nightfire
Glider to make a statement, or will you choose the Marauder’s glider to
instill fear in your enemies?

Glide With Style
Gliders are important, but so is looking fashionable with unique cosmetics! Get your hands on the Nightfire Glider image to soar the skies on magical flames that are sure to catch the eye of those below. Looking for a bit more subtlety? The Marauder’s Glider Image may be for you! It was said to be invented by Morpheus and used during his coastal raids. The structure of the glider is sure to instill fear into the toughest enemies.

Glider Image Customization: Nightfire Glider – 3750 Credits
Glider Image Customization: Marauder’s Glider – 3750 Credits

These deals glide away soon, so don’t wait up!