Queen – Known Issues List [Updated 29.01 10:50 UTC]

Hello everyone,

This is the current Known issues List with the Queen Update and the projected times for fixes for them

Fixed with Queen Patch 1 (29.01.2020)

  • Windows 7 blackscreen and disconnect issue
  • Dungeon chest loot distribution and empty chests in Solo Randomized Dungeons

Fixed with Hotfix 3 (25.01.2020)

  • Avalonian Fishing Rods are not in the toolmaker and can’t be crafted
  • Shift + Drag issue fixed and functionality enabled again
  • Issue with respawing after disconnecting in Arena when signing up from a hideout

Fixed with Hotfix 2 (22.01.2020)

Fixed with Hotfix 1 (21.01.2020):

  • Picking up a grown animal from a pasture will only give you a baby, unless it additionally also produced an offspring
  • Sometimes players would encounter a mount floating in a fixed position
  • Signup for Crystal League is possible, however the user interface has bugs (wrong error message and battle time upon signup, item icon sticks to cursor)
  • Island Names are not showing properly in character login screen
  • Incorrect date and description of Island Move
  • Mounts without characters can be seen floating in some clusters

No date yet:

  • Issue with setting the DPS role manually
  • Incorrect IP of Royal cloths and capes