Another wild Community Manager appears!

Hey everyone!

Nice to meet you guys, I’m yet another new Community Manager. Yes, the CM team has quite the number of new recruits! :thumbup:

My goal is to improve clarity in our public communication. So you would get more information, more fun activities, more news, and other exciting and engaging stuff throughout our channels.

A little about me: I’m a lifetime gamer, started playing PC games earlier than I learned how to walk properly (Can’t say I had a very thoughtful gaming experience as a toddler, but still was extremely engaged). I played countless different MMORPGs, some of them you probably never even heard of.

I like everything related to digital art in any form or structure. So if you’re the imaginative sort and have some Albion-related creations that you’re willing to share – I would love to see them! <3

How can you help me:
If you have any ideas or requests on what you would like to see on SBI’s social media channels, Discord, or other platforms – feel free to drop your ideas below! If you think something is missing (yes, we know that we need to communicate more) – I’m all ears. Let’s make the Albion community better together!

You can also reach me in DM here, or on Discord: SirisLi#3771