Hi! Meet your new Community Manager

Hii everyone!

Thank you for clicking on my post!
I am happy to announce that today, on the 1 year anniversary of Nesnes as your Community Manager, I will be joining the Community Manager team!

A little about me:
My passion for games has started from a young age with games such as Pokemon. As I grew up, I began playing shooters and MMORPGs such as Albion Online!
During my time playing Albion Online, I found myself interested in the PvP features that the game offers.
Additionally, in my free time I enjoy digital art, going to the gym, and of course playing games!

What will I bring to the table?
We, at SBI know that there is still a lot of work to do to create a better player experience for you, the community.
In the upcoming months, I will be working closely together with Nesnes to improve your experience as a player.
I hope to create a better environment and experience for all.

What can you do for me/ us?
Please, feel free to leave a comment down below what feature/problem you think needs to be changed and/or addressed.
If possible, please include an explanation of the problem and maybe even solutions that you as a player can think of!
I will make sure to read all of your replies!

Please feel free to reach out by Forum DM or Discord (Emii#2462) <3