Capsuleer Chronicles – Final Volume Available Now!

Bold Capsuleers,

The fourth & final volume of EVE: Capsuleer Chronicles is available now!
Raravoss falls to the Triglavian Collective, assisted by those who chose to side with them against the Empires; amid the chaos, join one Amarrian Capsuleer who long ago rejected the teachings of his youth as he reaches out to aid the Minmatar Ria, and follow the two as they attempt to escape the irreversible consequences of Final Liminality.

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For the empyreans of New Eden, among whom killing is merely one of many means of communication, there is nothing more valuable than trust – and when one places trust in another, whether it be hard-won or a last-ditch gamble, they may in their darkest hour see it returned. On the tumultuous borderline of change, how will this chapter of two immortals’ lives conclude? Jump in and find out!

The final volume, “Liminality”, is available online for free through a selection of sources; check out the Capsuleer Chronicles’ official site to read the last chapter of this official EVE comic series from Dark Horse Comics, and be sure to pre-order your physical copy of the combined hardcover edition, coming later this year!

Fly safe, Capsuleers – whether in New Eden, Pochven, or beyond, we’ll see you in space!