Community Beat for 3 June

Welcome back to The Beat, Capsuleers!

We are now flying at full speed through the CSM election season and Anger Games 5. In the past two weeks we have seen several candidates going out there and giving interviews on your platforms as well as being interviewed on CCPTV. The first weekend of the Anger Games 5 concluded last weekend and the organizers of Anger Games 5 will return this weekend on CCPTV with another amazing weekend of brawls.


CSM 17

In the last Beat we talked a little bit about what the CSM is and for this week we will take a closer look at the campaign so far. At the beginning of every candidate’s campaign, we ask them to write a post on the EVE Online Forums. This is not just to introduce themselves as individuals who might not be familiar with them but to also lay out their plans and what they want to focus on during their term. These are now all available for every candidate for anyone to see so if you want to get to know them a little better before deciding on who to vote for then check it out.

Every candidate gets ten minutes on the air over at CCPTV to campaign their cause and we have so far had two evenings of interviews. If you missed them then no need to worry as you can still get the VOD’s. The last round of interviews will be conducted tonight, starting at 18:30 UTC and runs until 01:00 UTC to wrap things up before the voting starts.

Voting for CSM 17 officially begins at 11:00 UTC, Tuesday 7 and runs until 10:59 UTC, 14 June.

There will be a German CSM townhall for German speaking candidates to answer live questions. We will add the information here in German as well.

“Meet and greet LIVE CSM 17 for the German community LIVE at RHP TS3 ( Every pilot is welcome to ask questions Directly and LIVE (you can’t speak English /no problem for translation host provided)

When : 19:00 UTC, 4 June (21:00 CET)
Who are the candidates :

German Candidates

Everyone is invited, videos and LIVE recordings are expressly permitted. We look forward to offering that again this year. if you have any questions in advance, please contact the RHP discord.”


“Meet and greet LIVE CSM für die Deutsche community LIVE am RHP TS3 (

Jeder Pilot ist herzlich eingeladen stellt Direkt und LIVE fragen (du kannst kein englisch /kein proprem für Übersetzung Wirt gesorgt)

Wann : Am 5-6-22 1900 eve zeit 2100 deutsche zeit
Wer sind die Kandidaten ;

Jeder strammer ist eingeladen ,Videos und LIVE mitschnitt sind ausdrücklich erlaubt. Wir freuen uns auch dieses Jahr das anzubieten . bei fragen vorab meldet euch gerne am Discord der RHP

Anger Games – Weekend 2


One weekend down, two to go! The next round starts with the Winners Bracket Round 3 & Losers Bracket Round 2 and will begin at 17:00 UTC tomorrow (Saturday).

Jin’taan made a great highlight video from the first weekend which shows some of the top plays that were pulled off, enjoy!

EVE NOLA 10 – 12 June

Down in Louisiana USA, this next weekend the New Orleans player meet will be taking place. If you’re interested in fleeting up and your close by then hop on to the event Discord and chat with the fine folks there for more details on where to go to meet up!

Partner Spotlight

Rixx Javix

Writer and in- and out of game event organizer, Low Sec pirate lord and long may we go on. In game he leads the A Band Apart alliance and is the CEO of the Stay Frosty corporation. You might know them for being the hosts and organizers of the Stay Frosty Frigate Free for All. He also holds out a blog website called EVEOGANDA where you will find great articles on all things EVE. Later in the summer, 23 July to be exact, Rixx is organizing Steel City V, a player meet in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If you are interested in meeting great EVE people then check that out.

Rixx Javix is not only a dedicated EVE Online player and writer but also an artist. We encourage you to take a look at his portfolio for some fantastic creations from EVE.

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Lastly you can find him posting on his Twitter regularly on updates on everything mentioned above.

Astherothi (Bonus!)

We featured Ashterothi in a previous Community Beat back in November but we still want to give him a quick shoutout again for his hard work during the CSM election campaign. Ashterothi has been conducting interviews which are all over an hour and he has offered to do this for every candidate for this year’s CSM election.

If you’re out there looking for more ways to get to know your candidates, then this is an excellent place to check it out.