The Facet of Shadow and Death

If you’ve unlocked one or more of the Aurene-based legendary weapons in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons™, you can begin crafting the first set of Elder Dragon variant skins on May 24! The first collection of skins is inspired by the Elder Dragon Zhaitan. This inscrutable undead horror was driven to corrupt Tyria with rot and ruin, commanding hordes of Risen minions from its lair in the fallen nation of Orr.

After binding an Aurene-based legendary weapon to your Legendary Armory, you’ll receive a letter from Leivas, who will ask you to visit either Aurene’s Enclave in Seitung Province or the Exchange in Arborstone (to use the Exchange, you must first complete the Arborstone Revitalization Mastery track). Speaking to Leivas will unlock the Arms of a New Cycle achievement, which is part of a new meta-achievement, The Legendary Facets of Aurene.

Leivas sells the scale splinters you’ll need to create a Scale Fragment of Zhaitan and begin the Aurene’s Facet of Shadows collection. After you purify the scale, completing events in Orrian explorable zones will reward you with fragmented Elder Dragon memories to continue the next step of the collection.

After you complete the full collection, you’ll receive a Fragment of Prismatic Shadows, which you can use to obtain a Zhaitan-based legendary weapon skin for any of the Aurene-based legendary weapons bound to your account. Repeat the Aurene’s Facet of Shadows achievement to collect the entire set of sixteen skins, and you’ll unlock the Facet of Shadow and Death title.

If you beg to differ when the Risen tell you death is good, stay tuned! Legendary weapon variant skins based on the remaining five Elder Dragons are coming in future Guild Wars 2 releases.