Beware of Phishing Websites!

Hey everyone,

You may have noticed an increased amount of spam in the game from players advertising bot selling websites or other services for Albion Online.

Please note that these websites are PHISHING WEBSITES, designed to steal your account information, to steal your Albion Online Account, and more if they can.

They usually have this in common:

  • a promise of a free trial of some sort of service – usually bots, radars, or other tools
  • Some sort of “you can make cash with our services” scheme
  • redirection to a website that is not

We have seen these messages distributed in the game and also on Discord. The goal of these fraudsters is to get you to log in to their website, and by doing so provide them with credentials of your Albion Online account.


  • We are always on the lookout for these messages and accounts to ban them
  • Your Albion Online account has an additional security step where – if logging in from a new device/IP – will require a verification code, which is sent to your email. In practice, this means that if fraudsters receive your Albion Online credentials, they will not be able to log in, unless they also have access to your email account or you provide them with the verification code. It is therefore important that you take some security measures:


  • USE STRONG, UNIQUE PASSWORDS. DO NOT USE THE SAME PASSWORD FOR YOUR VARIOUS ONLINE ACCOUNTS, ESPECIALLY YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT – if one account gets compromised in such case, all accounts are at risk of being breached
  • IF YOU THINK YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN COMPROMISED – reach out to immediately to prevent further harm and receive help with reclaiming your account
  • Check publicly published email breach databases (such as If your email is found there, make sure to change your passwords immediately!
  • Make use of security measures offered by your email provider, such as 2-factor authentication, for additional protection
  • Always carefully check the website address to ensure you are not logging into a malicious website, posing as an official website
  • You can look at your Albion Online verified devices and deauthorize devices you do not recognize or devices that are no longer in use
  • If you receive a message from a fraudster posting a malicious website, report them to us immediately – use the in-game report tool (right-click their name in chat) if you see them advertising in the chat.
  • Lastly, share the link to this announcement and security instructions with your friends and guildmates

Stay safe, and keep your account data safe!

Nesnes & Dev Team