1v1 Assault Frigate frenzy in the Proving Grounds!

Competitive Capsuleers!

The Hunt is upon us! As part of the ongoing celebrations you’ll be able to test your mettle in an exciting new Proving Grounds, built around brutal 1 v 1 Assault Frigate combat!

As always, there’s a fresh twist to proceedings in this new event, which is scheduled to run from 15-18 April. Modules are restricted to Meta 5, but you’ll enjoy a 10% bonus to kinetic and thermal missile damage while fighting in the arena!

All Assault Frigates qualify for this new encounter, but certain modules are banned from this new format:

  • Sensor Dampeners
  • Weapon Disruptors
  • Shield Boost Amplifiers
  • Shield Rechargers
  • Shield Power Relays
  • Shield Flux Coils
  • Core Defense Field Purgers

Beyond these restrictions though, the sky’s the limit!

Missile mayhem is very much the order of the day here, so get your thinking caps on if you want to make a mark on the leaderboards!