Known Issues with Lands Awakened Patch 7 [Last Update: April 4, 10:30 UTC]

Hello everyone!

With the launch of Patch 7 a couple of issues have come up which we are currently looking into:

  1. Open world treasure chests currently don’t have party loot protection. This means that after opening it, everyone can take from it. [Fixed]
  2. The “Place” button on mobile is missing. [Fixed]
  3. On Android, the shop tiles of the new vanity bundles, show a timer of “1d12” remaining time. This timer should not be there and will be fixed with Patch 8
  4. On iOS, the shop tiles for the new vanity bundles show weird information regarding the discounts. Fix date as soon as possible, but yet unknown. [Fixed]
  5. There is a shader issue on Linux causing the Framerate to drop rapidly when using the pre-installed Mesa driver. Please switch to the proprietary NVIDIA / AMD drivers if you encounter this issue. [Fixed]

We are sorry for the inconvenience and will keep you updated here with any news.

Nesnes & Dev Team