Introducing Lost Island Free DLC!

Explore the soaring heights and hidden depths of ARK’s newest official community map, featuring three new creatures for you to tame! Lost Island boasts 150 square kilometers of new biomes, new challenges, and mysterious ruins.

Discover jungle valleys fed by giant waterfalls, build a treehouse high in the forest canopies, get down and dirty in vast mangrove swamps, dive deep underwater, brave treacherous snowy peaks, or spelunk uncharted cave systems in search of treasure… There’s something here for everyone!

Lost Island is the first community map released with three new creatures, and the first to include a creature chosen by the ARK community. Unleash thermal hell from atop your Amargasaurus, glide into battle with Sinomacrops at your back, or treat your enemies to a shower of Tek-disabling Dinopithecus dung!

A 150 sq km map with a wide variety of unique biomes to explore

Cascade Rift, a rainforest chasm carved by a flowing river and strung with thick vines

Mangrove Mire, a forbidding region of flooded swamplands

Castellate Peaks, a snow-capped alpine ridge that comes pre-fortified with stone fortresses

This aggressive sauropod from the Cretaceous period is a force to be feared across Lost Island. Amargasaurus’ formidable thermal spines will burn or freeze anyone unfortunate enough to stray into their range. Closer still, these titans can thrash enemies to shreds with their spiked tails

This perky, protective little Jurassic pterosaur can become a living glider for their master. From its perch on your shoulders, Sinomacrops will break your fall and let you soar away from trouble

Voted onto the island by the community at large, this baboon bruiser defends its master with remarkable ferocity. Dinopithecus will sweep you up with its tail and carry you up sheer walls on its back. Tame a troop of them, to unleash a hail of droppings packing a parasitic payload capable of shutting down enemy Tek

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The full Winter Wonderland event details can be found here.