Community Crunch 292: New Sponsored Mod, Community Corner, and More!

We’re still winding down from an amazing ExtraLife fundraising event and preparing for an exciting end of the year for ARK content. In case you missed our 24-hour ExtraLife stream, we announced the free DLC map Lost Island is coming to all platforms December 14th! In addition to Lost Island, we’re still preparing for the community events you have come to know and love.

Check out all the new content we’re working on:

There will be no EVO event this week.

We would like to present a new sponsored mod project for players (and mod authors) to consider!
The ARK Sponsored mod program has entered into its winter break period, but is planned to resume accepting applications on January 1st 2022. Once applications open again you may submit your projects at

ARK Nucleus

ARK Nucleus is less about adding new content to ARK and more about making the content from your favorite mods more user friendly.
You’ll find features for mods such as searchable registries of creatures and items, additional localization tools, and custom server UI support to add that extra splash of personality for your personal server.

Check out ARK Nucleus

Creator: Finn Reinhardt

Take a look at this fun video by Fin showing what ARK could look like in real life

DodoRex by supercanada

Inktober 2021 – 24- Extinct by Whitesekhmet

Nyctoraptor ARK Mod Concept by Davesrightmind

Yuturannus Blizzard by Firefly

Dodoraptor 2021 by Robinson Vronti

Rockwell and Helena by ArtofEliza

Trick or Treating by Kravenfoxy



Have a great weekend! Studio Wildcard

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