Life’s a Rollercoaster!

It’s time to take to the sky and ride the crazy tracks on Mirage Isle on October 21! Boost, Jump and ride the tracks to show off your Rollercoaster skills and get style points for doing well.

To get to the event grounds, use the Worldgate located at the start of Mirage Isle and jump up to the starting area. Then, speak to Engineer Torry to get started on the quest to try your luck and test your skills on the sky tracks on Torry’s Sky Racer Vehicle!

I’m Tall Enough to Ride! Now what?

To get started, speak to Engineer Torry and accept her quest. Upon accepting, you’ll receive a Torry’s Sky Racer to use on the Sky Tracks. Once you’re buckled in and ready to ride, you can take off and pass through as many labelled points as you can! Before landing, be sure to aim where you’re going as once you land your reward will based on your landing location.

To score the highest level reward try your best to land in the dead center of the landing location, the further you are from the center, the lesser the reward. If you land outside of the landing zone entirely, you will be taken back to the start after a certain amount of time and not receive a reward.

The rewarding score is as follows:
Rank 1 – 6 Sky Race Coins
Rank 2 – 8 Sky Race Coins
Rank 3 – 12 Sky Race Coins

Once you’ve received and opened your reward for your landing, you can turn your Daily Quest into Engineer Torry for 10 Sky Race Coins.

If your Sky Racer breaks, fret not! You can repair it with Shatigon’s Sand, but most of our riders opt to abandon the quest and take it once more to save on costs. The choice is yours, just be sure to keep your arms in the vehicle at all times!

Wheeee! Now What Can I Get?

Other than the adrenaline and thrill from riding the Mirage Sky Tracks, you can exchange your Sky Race Coins for the following goods at the event exchanger:
• Small Inflatable Pool – 200 Sky Race Coins
• Bound Serendipity Stone – 80 Sky Race Coins
• Decrystallization Scroll – 15 Sky Race Coins
• Bound Labor Recharger – 12 Sky Race Coins
• Adventurer’s Winged Elixir – 10 Sky Race Coins
• Honorforged Medal – 5 Sky Race Coins
• Luna Charm Rank 1 – 5 Sky Race Coins
• Hiram Awakening Scroll x10 – 5 Sky Race Coins
• Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll x5 – 5 Sky Race Coins
• Radiant Infusion Supply Kit x5 – 5 Sky Race Coins
• Manastorm Crystal x5 – 7 Sky Race Coins (F2P Only)

And of course, it’s not an event without Achievements! Receive new titles and a brand new icon by completing the 4 achievements relating to the Sky Race event!

This thrills and skills event comes to an end on November 4, so be sure to get and use your Sky Race Coins before the event ends!