Another Community Manager reporting for duty!

Hello all!

It’s only been a month since Nesnes joined the Community Management team and yet here I am – a wild Shadowbrick appeared.

While I’m still rather new to Albion Online, I’m kind of a “veteran” when it comes to video game Support and Community Management. That’s why it’s important for me to put the communication in Community Management and do my best to listen to you all, gather your feedback and poke our developers about it. I’m still getting to know SBI and everyone here, so please bear with me for a bit :)

About myself – I’ve been playing games for way longer than I like to admit, both on consoles and PC. I love RPGs, as well as first-person shooters, strategy games and racing games. I’m also a fan of Lego (and alternative bricks) as well as getting into photography lately.

Like Nesnes already said, feel free to send me/us a DM here on the forums with any specific problems you might have and we’ll try to get it sorted for you.

Looking forward to the new adventures here and to meet you all, ingame or here on the forums :)

~ Shadowbrick