Earning an HQ Hideout in the Energy Surge Season

Hello everyone,

With the upcoming Energy Surge season beginning September 25, guilds will have the opportunity to earn HQ Hideout status for one of their Hideouts beginning with Season 14. Based on community feedback on this feature, we have updated the requirements for earning an HQ Hideout during the Energy Surge season. Please note that these numbers are balanced for the Energy Surge season, and the various Season Point and zone type requirements will likely change in future seasons.

Season Point ThresholdMax Zone Quality LevelMax Zone Tier

Additionally, only the top 600 guilds of the season can qualify for an HQ Hideout.

More info can be found at the following links:
Zone Quality Levels, which increase from the outside to the middle of the Outlands, are not explicitly stated ingame, but can be viewed here: Territory Season Point Values, Boss Multipliers, and Energy/Point Storage
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