1533 Accounts banned for third-party currency transactions

Hi everyone,

In our latest ban wave, we have banned 1533 Accounts for involvement in RMT (real-money-trade, aka third-party currency transactions). These actions are expressly prohibited by our terms & conditions

4.5.1 Users are prohibited from selling, purchasing, renting, leasing, offering, accepting, disseminating or copying Virtual Benefits, including Virtual Currency, within and/or outside the Game – in whatever form – to/from third parties unless expressly permitted by these Terms and Conditions or the Game Rules. /…/

Full Terms & Conditions can be read here.

Among these accounts were some very well-known players involved in RMT and people associated with them, including the leaders of the well-known guild Blue Army.*

RMT is extremely harmful to the game’s power balance and in-game economy. Please do not engage in RMT, and do not support others in engaging in RMT within your guild or alliance.
We have been stepping up our means of detecting and fighting RMT and will continue to do so. If you have evidence of RMT taking place, please contact our support team.

We will continue to tackle this issue as one of our highest priorities.


Nesnes & Dev Team

*edit: Just to clarify this: an earlier version of the statement mentioned that guild leadership was “warned” about RMT. This warning was not handed out due to these accounts doing RMT themselves, but because people in their guild were caught doing RMT using guild assets. Guild leadership back then told us that they didn’t know about this, so we warned them not to accept the banned RMTers into their guild under alt accounts. Despite this warning, banned RMT accounts were let back into the guild as alts, and set up the same RMT operation – using guild assets – again. This is why the current ban wave now extend to the guild leadership, as we have clear evidence that they knowingly alllowed this RMT to happen within their guilds.