Hello Fellow Adventurers! Meet your new Community Manager :)

Dear fellow Adventurers!

I’m very happy to announce that you will have a new Community Manager from today onward! :thumbsup:

A little bit about my person: I’m a passionate Albion Online player and have been exactly that since free-to-play launch. That led to joining the moderation team and eventually applying for a position at Sandbox Interactive. I’ve been playing online games for a long time now, ranging from single-player adventure games over co-op first-person shooters up to medieval MMORPGs like Albion Online.

My plans for the future:

At the moment, we have a gap in communication between you (the community) and SBI. This has become abundantly clear over the last couple of months with many players being unhappy about that.

I hope to change that moving forward, additionally to other plans and ideas that I will be working on which I cannot disclose at this point in time :)

What I would like you to do, is to reply to this post with the topics that you feel need to be addressed ASAP. Whatever made you unhappy lately that you feel needs to be communicated better. I will make sure to read through it and pick out the most important topics.

In addition to that, you can always reach me via forum DM if you have more specific concerns and I will try to get back to you.

On a final note: I’m very happy to be here and to get this chance, I will do whatever I can for this community that has grown to me so much over the past years.

Thanks all for taking an interest!