Duel Exploit: Terrain Obstruction

Hey everyone,

A dueling exploit has recently come to our attention. The purpose of this post is to inform you of said exploit, as well as deter future abuse.

—- What is the exploit? —-
During the duel, the exploiter will use mobility spells to run outside the dueling ring. The exploiter will then re-enter the ring, but at a location where a terrain obstruction will prevent the opponent from reaching him. This exploit is most commonly performed in the Conqueror’s Hall, although it is not exclusive to that location.

—- Will exploiters be punished? —-
As of this announcement, we consider abusing this to be an exploit under article 15.5.4 of our Terms and Conditions and sanctions will be handed out accordingly.

—- Help, I’ve lost silver in the duel! —-
If you have been a victim of this exploit, please get in touch with us via support@albiononline.com and provide any evidence you might have, such as approximate server time, names of characters involved, the wager amount and video footage of the incident.

—- Will this be fixed? —-
Developers are looking into options of preventing the exploit in a future update.

Elsa & Dev Team