Introducing: The Lotty Pass

The Lotty Pass is coming to save the day! Say hello to the cutest axolotl companion Lotty in the brand new ArchePass. This quaint little powerstone pet has more than just its good looks and a sweet vest, it has a skill that will be helpful to anyone looking to pick a fight against the opposing factions! This ArchePass will be available beginning on July 8 after the maintenance and will disappear on September 9, 2021, giving you plenty of time to get what you want out of this Pass.

What are the Rewards?

Please note: An ArchePass Upgrade Ticket from the Marketplace for 1,500 Credits is required to receive the rewards from the Premium track.

Lotty has the following skill that you can use to aid yourself on the battlefield:
Get’em! – Increases the owner’s Attack Speed +45 and decreases Cast Time -8% for 5 seconds. This buff can’t be used if Cooling Off is active.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and dive into the brand new ArchePass and get all of the goodies you can before it’s gone forever.