Special Summer Offers

Add a sprinkle of the colder months in the Summer that just keeps heating up with some special offers. Who doesn’t want to open special gifts all year round anyway? Grab yourself some brand new mounts or gliders beginning June 25 at 2 PM UTC!

A touch of Winter to cool you off in Summer
So many gliders and Magithopters, it’s a dream come true! Stand out from the others with these beauties, so try your luck now!

Winter Maiden Gift: Glider
Grants randomly one of the following:

• Faelight Wings
• Twilight Wings
• Cumulus Magithopter
• Nightfire Glider
• Crystal Wings
• Rocket Wings #2
• Flamefeather Glider (F2P only)
• Glider Companion: Squirrel (F2P only)
• Stormduster 1000
• Wings of Immortality
• Wings of Terror
• Wings of Protection
• Wings of Revenge
• Astra Wings
• Umbrella Magithopter
• Eagle Glider Companion (F2P only)

Purchase the Winter Maiden Gift: Glider for Legacy for only 2000 Credits here and for Unchained for 2500 Credits here.

Companionship doesn’t wait
If you are looking to complete your collection of mounts or in the market for a new companion with which to explore Erenor, we got you!

Winter Maiden Gift: Mount
Grants randomly one of the following:

• Frost Dragon
• Typhoon Drake (F2P only)
• Flaming Soulscar
• Freezing Soulscar
• Vanhi
• Hellwing Pegasus
• Soulmule
• Royal Griffin
• Coral
• Steel Lightning
• Moonfeather Griffin (F2P only)
• Moonlight Kitsu (F2P only)
• Stormwing Pegasus
• Siegeram Taurus
• Celestial Kitsu (F2P only)
• Celestial Pegasus

Purchase the Winter Maiden Gift: Mount for Legacy for only 2500 Credits here and for Unchained for 2500 Credits here.

But there’s more!
The summer season is here! Cool off with the Holiday Pack in ArcheAge: Unchained. It’s a package with premium quality luxury Costumes and Mount.

The Holiday Pack contains:
• Reefstalker
• Eternal Wish Raiment
• Golden Dawn

Get your Holiday Pack here.

All of these offers vanish on June 28 at 2 PM UTC (7 AM PDT), so grab your favorite glider and companion fast!