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Below we have provided Answers to some commonly asked Questions.

What are the VIP Options in Crowfall, in terms of packs? 

We offer a variety of membership packs, four in all, to suit every playstyle. All of the packs offer the added-value of a monthly grant of Crowns (virtual currency) which can range from 1,499 to 18,000 Crowns (included with the 12-month VIP membership) and include a monthly item reward (for the first month of VIP in July, members will receive a Gryphon Mount!) which will be updated with a new reward each subsequent month.

Are there any offers or benefits for current Crowfall Beta players? 
Yes, in appreciation of our community of Backers (Backers are players who have purchased a game pack pre-launch), all Crowfall game access (bundle) packs now include one free month of the VIP membership. Best of all, Backers who have already purchased a pack (as of June 8, 2021) will all be receiving one additional month of *VIP membership added to their service at launch (including Kickstarter Packs). 

What are some of the most popular benefits in the Crowfall VIP Membership?

It is hard for us to say what individual players will find most valuable, the goal was to offer a selection of features that offer diverse benefits to give players options. One benefit that we have seen create excitement is the extra slots players receive in their Campaign World bank (+100%) and their Account Vault (+100%). Check out the full list of features here:

If I have Kickstarter VIP and bonus months of the VIP service, which ones are billed first?
Your Kickstarter VIP months will be billed first, followed by your free bonus months.

If I have Kickstarter VIP on my account in the form of a 12-month pack and then one month packs as well, which ones are billed first?
Any 12-month pack will be billed first, followed by any lower month increments of VIP. Grouped multi-month packages will always be billed first before any singular or bonus months.

When I have a multi-month membership active, when do I receive my Crowns grant and my reward? 

You will receive your Crowns at the beginning of the month; timed to when you activated the account. For example, you receive the full 12-month grant of Crowns when you activate the membership at the start of your paid period.

Does VIP awarded during Kickstarter provide coins like the current VIP does?

Yes, VIP service is the same whether it was pre-purchased or awarded as part of Kickstarter; exactly
the same program features and benefits.

If you buy a year of VIP, are you getting 12 individual months or are you getting a year? When is it consumed?

When you purchase the 12-Month VIP pack you are getting a year (12 Months) of VIP service; the Crowns are delivered upfront at the start of the paid period and the unique monthly rewards are entitled within a few days after activation. The primary benefit of the 12-month membership for those who know they want the VIP service, it offers the largest monthly discount based on the 12-month service period.

Is there a way to deactivate VIP so it doesn’t get consumed while you are unable to play for a long time (or vacations, school)? 

No, the VIP service operates as a monthly service, the period of time chosen and purchased is not refundable. You can discontinue service at the end of a paid period.

Do Kickstarter backers get Crowns as their VIP is consumed?

Yes, the Crown grants are delivered at the beginning of each paid period.

How does the queuing priority for VIP work?

VIP members are given a weighted higher priority when waiting in any queue.
The 12 month VIP bundle lists 18,000 bonus crowns while 1 month of VIP lists 1499 bonus crowns. Do
you really get 12 bonus crowns from buying 12 months of VIP, or do you get 17,988 crowns — 1499
times 12?

The 12-month VIP service includes a monthly discount off the standard VIP monthly rate and 18,000 bonus Crowns; it is a rate of Crowns specific to that pack.