Crowfall’s Road to Launch

As we move ahead we are looking at the best path to ensure a smooth and exciting Launch for all Crows! Throughout our journey of Alpha and Closed Beta our community has been enormously valuable; your feedback has helped to smooth the rough edges, provided insightful input on technical and gameplay challenges, and ensured testing was focused and responsive throughout the development cycle.

It’s an exciting time, and as we begin the transition to a Live service over the next few weeks, we retain our steadfast commitment to testing and polish to ensure the best experience possible for our players.

With that in mind, here is our path to Launch! 

On Wednesday, June 23, at 11:59 PM CDT (6:59 AM CEST), the free Beta phase of Crowfall will close. At that time, players who have purchased the game can continue playtesting through to Launch.

On Thursday, July 1, at 11:59 PM CDT (6:59 AM CEST), we will close the Beta Live Service.  At this time, we will wipe all characters, items, and Eternal Kingdoms on our Live servers, as well as reset purchases. The Test server will be available and anyone that has purchased the game can play with us as we test final updates for Launch.

On Thursday, July 1, at 11 AM CDT (6:00 PM CEST), we’ll begin forum maintenance that has a downtime of one day.  We’ll archive all threads and posts on the forums, excluding War Stories, Crows of a Feather, and Roleplay, and roll out a new Forum organization.  If you feel a particular post should be preserved post here 

On Tuesday, July 6, at 6 AM CDT (1 PM CEST), Crowfall will officially launch our Live service! At that point, we turn our worlds over to the Eternal Crows, who are the champions of this Universe, mercenaries to the Gods!