Call to Arms Patch 4 – Known Issues (Update: June 16th)

  • [Frost Staff] AoE damage of Q (Hoarfrost) in Frost Staffs doesn’t work if the target dies

Fixed with Call to Arms Patch 5/6:

  • [Dagger] Using Slit Throat with 3 stacks of Sunder Armor deals damage of 2 stacks
  • [Dagger] Using Slit Throat with 3 stacks of Assassin Spirit deals damage of 2 stacks
  • [Axes] Rending Spin sometimes does not apply the bleed correctly when targets get hit in the outer circle
  • Damage against mobs from Specter Jacket does not scale with item power and damage modifiers
  • Tooltip for Tear Apart appears in Spanish on the English client
  • Self Ignition spell has missing localization tags
  • [iOS] The iOS App currently does not prompt you to update the patch, so you may have to manually update Albion Online in the App Store
  • [Mobile] /ping and /fps current do not show on mobile devices

We’re working on resolving the above as soon as we can!