Community Crunch 271: Genesis 2 Launch, Plushie Giveaways, and More!

The Studio Wildcard team is thrilled to finally complete the ARK saga with the release of ARK: Genesis Part 2. We’ve been watching, sharing, and enjoying the content you’ve been posting across social media platforms. We’re already working through several tweaks and bug fixes based on player reports and feedback. We’ll keep you updated with the progress through our normal social channels.

Thanks to Ark’s passionate community and a love for new content that fits its mold, what were once straightforward plans have become so much more. Through in-game events, free DLC maps, and continued game updates, we’re also polishing, addressing player feedback and fixing issues to make it a better game for everyone.

So, what’s next? Not TEK, that’s for sure 😏. As we look forward to a primarily primitive-themed ARK 2, we’ll continue to provide meaningful updates and experiences to our ARK 1 survivors.

We’re forever grateful for our community which helps us grow, shape, and push the Ark franchise to new heights!


Egg Incubator


Federation Crop Plot


Shadowmane (Widescreen)

Loadout Mannequin




TEK Hoversail

Ammo Box

TEK Phase Pistol





Biome Variants

Net Projectile

TEK Surveillance Console


Jar Of Pitch

TEK Exo-Armor

Genesis 2 Key Art

If you’re on Twitter, make sure you’re keeping an eye on #ARKGen2Plush hashtag. Some of our amazing community content creators will be handing out codes to redeem a free plushie!

ARK is on Sale on all platforms!

If you haven’t had a chance to experience everything the ARK franchise has to offer, check out the ARK: Ultimate Survivor Edition. ARK: The Ultimate Survivor Edition includes ARK: Survival Evolved, along with these expansion packs: Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction, and Genesis Parts 1 & 2.

ARK on Steam

ARK on Epic Games Store


ARK on Playstation

There will be no EVO event this weekend.


Looking for a quick guide for taming the loveable Maewing? We have you covered!

Creator: Sven P & Séfiro

If you’d rather scout for potential base locations on Youtube, Sven P & Séfiro check out some of the prime real estate locations in Genesis 2.

Creator: FistofTheWalrus

Uh, we don’t think that’s a regular puppy 😯

Creator: Venalis

And we certainly don’t think that’s an average dog 😂

Darken_Si – DodoRex

TzuLin- slip (Managarmr)

shockalocker – Maewing

Fires-storm – Helena Walker Study

CasiriaDraws – Coming Out (Pride Month)

Doragon Kraaken#3395 – Rockwell wyvern?





Keep sharing your Genesis 2 moments with us! Catch you next week! Studio Wildcard

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