Community Crunch 269: Astrodelphis, TwitchGaming Weekly Show, and More!

We’re at the home stretch for the Genesis 2 launch and we’re sharing the last few things before you get to hop in and experience it for yourself. Check out our latest post for an update to the Genesis 2 release, and take a first listen at the main theme!

Genesis Part 2: Art, Music and June 2 Delay

Join us on Thursday at 5/27, at 9:30 AM PST as we go live on twitchgaming for The Weekly show. Come hang out as we chat about Genesis 2 and hang out with the community. Oh, and we’ll be sharing something you haven’t seen before 😉.

And now, onto some things that you may have seen!

Full Resolution Wallpaper

You’ll have to summon some real courage if you’re seen by this watchful guard.

Perhaps it’s better to just run

Full Resolution Wallpaper

Curious and inquisitive, the swift Astrodelphis may look like the cetaceans that once swam in Earth’s oceans but this variation had loftier dreams and made an interstellar home amongst the stars, evolving unique traits.

Equip a Starwing Saddle, and you have a sentient spacecraft capable of blasting targets into oblivion.

Full Resolution Wallpaper


Egg Incubator


Federation Crop Plot


Shadowmane (Widescreen)

Loadout Mannequin




TEK Hoversail

Ammo Box

TEK Phase Pistol




An ARK: EVOLUTION EVENT is active on all platforms from now through May 24th, with the following EVO perks:

2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, imprint, and maturation)

2X Taming

2X Harvesting


1.5 Hexagon Bonus

Creator: Captain Fatdog

Captain Fatdog shows off the Millennium Falcon, built on Xbox with ThirdEchelon for the ARKitects #MayThe4thBeWithYou

life-k – Trike

DraukaRalh – Baryonyx Morning

Darken-Si – Helmsdeep my brachi

@naeriie – Rest well friend




@PicturesOfArk (Isabell)

CapDrac лять#0038

See you at the TwitchGaming show next week! Studio Wildcard

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