The Gods Have Rewarded Decapathon 4 Valiant Winners!

Your valiant fight for Glory has earned you the Scorched Sunfire Skull

The God’s celebrate the valiant Crow Guilds who led the battle for Glory fighting for the Sun Faction and declare them the winners of the 2021 Decapathon 4 Competition! In their honor all warriors brave and bold, who hit the leaderboard in the Dregs Yuletyden Campaign, shall receive the Sunfire Skull Belt Totem. When equipped the Sunfire Totem offers the worthy Crow +2% to Critical Hit and Critical Healing Chances. All hail the champions. Good fights all! 

Celebrate! The gods have rewarded their Valiant Crows! Those who fought in the Decapathon4, claim your rewards and celebrate with your new Scorched Sunfire Skull Belt Totem (+2% Critical Hit/Critical Healing Chance)!