New Foreman Pack Available Now

Industrial Capsuleers,

You can now make some phenomenal savings with the brand-new Foreman Pack available in the EVE Store, bringing great value to industrially-minded Capsuleers, just in time for the industry update!.

This awesome new offering contains a wealth of PLEX, Omega time, Skill Points, and more. Perfect if you’re looking to take that next big step in Industry.

You’ll even get some magnificent Capsuleer Day XVIII SKINs for the Rorqual, Orca, and Porpoise; what better way to celebrate EVE’s 18th Birthday?

Purchasing this pack will grant you the following:
– 90 Days Omega time1,500 PLEX
– 250,000 Skill Points
– 1x Expert Cerebral Accelerator
– 3x Multiple Character Training
– Rorqual Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
– Orca Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
– Porpoise Capsuleer Day XVIII SKIN
– Men’s and Women’s ‘Hephaestus’ clothing sets

New Foreman packs News item image

You can get all of this in the EVE Store for $139.99, with the pack contents offering so much more value. Take advantage of the new Foreman Pack today and make a massive impact in industry!