Celebrate EVE Online’s 18th birthday – Share your moments in this player video contest

Celebratory Capsuleers,

As EVE approaches this remarkable milestone, we wanted to reflect on everything that has made the last 18 years so special, the millions of moments which make up the incredible stories EVE players have been creating together for nearly two decades.

There are already plenty of well-known tales which will pass down in legend. The steel nerve of the heist which stripped every asset from the once mighty Circle-of-Two; the subterfuge required to build the cluster’s first ever citadel in complete secrecy; the 14 hour savagery of Fury at FWST-8 – we’re not short of headline events. What we want from you is the things we may have missed: the moments you’ve witnessed in person which have defined your Capsuleer experience.

We’re looking for short video clips which showcase these memories so we can include them in an official 18th birthday player celebration video. These clips can be from any era of EVE Online, from any faction or activity, as long as they’re important to you – we want to capture the full spectrum of experiences from 18 years of emergent history.

Did you capture your first PvP kill, the maiden voyage of your favourite ship, or the time your corp finally sprung a trap months in the making, eradicating your mortal nemeses? Or perhaps it’s a moment of kindness and generosity somewhere out in the void, something which kindled an ember of humanity in your heart.


We’ll be giving out prizes to entrants every day the contest runs, from April 26 – 30, with a panel of CCP developers giving out special prizes to the ultimate winners when the contest ends.

A selection of the best clips will also feature in our very special “18 Years of EVE Online” player celebration video, to be released once the winners have been decided.

Prizes for the winners will be:

  • 1st place: 3000 PLEX, 6M Omega, ArcTic IMT EVE Online edition watch
  • 2nd place: 2000 PLEX, 4M Omega, EVE Collector’s Edition USB Rifter
  • 3rd place: 1000 PLEX, 2M Omega, EVE Collector’s Edition USB Rifter

How to enter

In order to submit your video for consideration:

  • Post your video or link to it using the hashtag #18YearsofEVE on Twitter; Or

  • Post your video or link to it in the comments to the competition post on our Facebook page.

  • All entries must also be submitted in an email to eve18@eveonline.com via attachment or download link along with your contact details, so we have the video in its original format.

  • All entries must be submitted between 26th April and midnight UTC 30th April. Prize winners will be selected at random on each day of the competition, with the ultimate prizes being awarded by a panel of EVE developers. Winners will be contacted via email.


The guidelines for your video entries are as follows:

  • The preferred resolution is 1080p, but this isn’t compulsory.

  • Clips should be in .MP4, .AVI, .MOV, .FLV or .WMV format.

  • Clips can be from any year of EVE Online – the wider the range the better.

  • Clips can be any length up to a maximum of 60 seconds.

  • All content must be yours to submit. Any entries containing footage belonging to others will be disqualified.

  • CCP reserves the right to use all video entries for promotional purposes.