Community Crunch 264: Federation Crop Plot, Shadowmane, and More!

Last week we began sharing new images of Maewing, Exo-mek, and the Egg Incubation Device. We’re continuing the trend this week by sharing more images of upcoming Genesis II content.

Federation Crop Plot

Full Resolution Wallpaper

Test your green thumb and expand your gardening possibilities with the Federation Crop Plot that allows you to raise harvestable plants just about anywhere!


Full Resolution Wallpaper

Never mind its lightning-fast chain-teleport strike… By the time you’re aware of the Shadowmane’s presence, it’s probably too late!

Loadout Mannequin

Full Resolution Wallpaper

Make every second count by storing your equipment on Loadout Mannequins. Quickly visualize your gear, hotbar items, and complete a full equipment swap!

Other Genesis II Wallpapers


Egg Incubator


EVO Event

There will be no EVO event this weekend.

Community Corner


Creator: Yutay

Here’s a take on a traditional-styled home with a dino pen – complete with a how-to guide!

Creator: Vindactur

Vindactur continues on his quest to become one of the bigger tribes on the cluster.

Fan Art

OZ Cun’ – Biologist Passtime

Locke.ARK#6239 / @TekARK3

@sis_6193 – Easter Rock Drake

EmilyStepp – Tactical Troodon Backpack Commission

대양마 – Drawing ARK-Reaper Queen

@NAMCOOo – ヒスイワークス

In-Game Screenshots





See you next week survivors! Studio Wildcard

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