HungerDome: Wednesday April 21st on the Tournament Server!

Hey Crows,

In support of the ECS Tournament, there is now a Tournament Server available for the official ECS Tournament matches featuring the ECS Archetypes. Teams applying to or registered to compete in the Tournament, or others interested in HungerDome, may access this server for pre-tournament practice play. This Server will only be available during specific hours of each day – available hours will be posted on the official Crowfall Forums and Discord. 

Please Note: On this server, you will ONLY be able to access and play in the HungerDome Arena.

NA Times

  • 11 AM – 2 PM CDT 
  • 6 PM –  9 PM CDT

EU Times

  • 6 PM – 9 PM CEST
  • 1 AM –  4 AM CEST (Thursday, April 22)

Find out more:

You’ll need to download the new Tournament client for this testing, which you can download at: and click on Download HungerDome Tournament. 

To report any issues with HungerDome please visit our bug thread.  

We’ll keep you updated in discord and the lobby when we’ll be activating HungerDome, see you there! 


Need more information:  If you load into HungerDome and your mouse/keyboard input is not working, please do Ctrl, Shift F11 and send your client logs to