What is the Eternal Champions Series 2021?

The CROWFALL ETERNAL CHAMPIONS SERIES brings together top competitors from around the world to compete in a 10 Event Tournament Series on TWITCH. Event matches are played in the Crowfall “HungerDome(™)” Arena. Each competition will include 12 teams of 5 players each entering the arena to compete in a battle of approximately 30-minutes; the winner is the last team/member standing before the world is consumed by the Hunger in this battle for Domination! For more information, visit

 How Do I take part in the ECS event?

1. The first step is to create a team of 5 players, identify a “Team Leader”, then beginning on April 13, 2021, have your Team Leader (and only the Team Leader), register the Team at 

2. Once you have registered your team in the Crowfall Game platform, the Team Leader can visit to complete the Team application. The Team Application will ask for your Team name and that will allow our system to recognize your Team and automatically fill out a few of the related entry fields.

3. Once you have submitted the Application, ensure your entire team clicks to “Accept” the Official Rules available at The Accept button will be active beginning April 13th, and can be found at the end of the Official Rules.
4. For a team to be selected to join the competition, your team must have played 10 matches in HungerDome before the end of the application period – final Application close date for the last two qualifiers is May 4. (Application period is listed on the Application and is also shown here:
5. If invited, your Team Leader will receive an email at the Crowfall account email address entered with the Team registration (the Team Leader’s Crowfall email).

Which Countries or Regions are included?

Countries which are Eligible for participating in ECS ’21 can be found at the bottom of the Official Rules page here:

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Details on Eligibility can be found on the Eligibility page:

Where Can I Sign-Up?

You can sign-up for ECS ’21 by going to after creating and registering your team at

What can I Win? 

To review a complete list of prizes awarded to teams based on the place earned in each of the Series segments (Qualifiers, Wild Card and the Final round) please view the Rewards page at

Does Every Member of my Team need to be Confirmed when we Apply? 

The application process cannot be started without the creation of a 5-person team that is entered at by the Team leader – that requires identification of the team members and entry of their Crowfall Account display names. The second step of applying for an invite into the Event using the Application is the entry of the Team name. Once your application is received you have time between the submission date and the closing date of the “Open to Apply” period to finalize your team and complete your team “acceptances” of the Official Rules. If your team composition changes during that period that is for the Team Leader to manage such that by the time the application open period closes, you have a complete team of five who have all accepted the Official Rules.

I am Under 16, Can I still Sign-Up? 

To be eligible to participate in the Competition, Competitors must meet the age and residency requirements described in the Sections AGE REQUIREMENT and RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT of the Eligibility requirements; these are the first two sections of that requirements document.

I Don’t have a Team, Can I Still Sign-Up?

To be eligible to participate in the Competition, Competitors must register a Team, as the first step in joining the competition. The Team is required to start the process; the application process requires that a Team be created in advance on by the Team Leader and includes entry of the account names (Crowfall Display Names) of the members that comprise the Team. This step must be completed before filling out the Application as it is an entry to that Application. This information is documented in the fourth section of the Eligibility requirements on the ECS Site.

What is the Time Schedule for the Qualifiers?

The times and dates for all Events is listed on the Event Dates section of the ECS ‘21 site.

What happens if someone Leaves my Team? 

During the period of time, after a Team has submitted an Application to participate in a Qualifier round(s) and before the last Qualifier open application period has closed, the Team Leader will be responsible for ensuring the team remains as a five-player Team.  At the time that a Qualifier Open Application period closes and the applications are under review, the only applications that will qualify are those that meet the stated Eligibility requirements.

Where can I play Crowfall? 

You can play Crowfall on PC only by visiting and registering an account for the Free Closed Beta. You will be invited into Beta based on your Closed Beta Group which can be seen on your Account Profile. There is also a chance to qualify for a Beta Key with immediate access to the beta for a limited period of time offered by a Crowfall ECS ‘21 sponsor; one of those is live during April sponsored by Razer here. For a list of Territories that can participate in the ECS ‘21 Tournament, you can find that at the end of the Official Rules.

Once you are invited to play in the Crowfall Beta you can enter by downloading the game from To play Crowfall you will need to read and accept the ArtCraft Terms and Conditions. Please note all Backers who purchase the game now are able to play now and forever. To purchase Crowfall please visit

Do I have to Buy the Game to Sign-Up for the event? 

The first line on the Official Rules for the ECS ‘21 Event clarifies, “No Purchase Necessary to Enter. Void Where Prohibited by Law.” 

What happens if someone disconnects from the match due to no fault of their own; due to a game outage crash?

Once a match has started and is officially live, the match outcome is determined by the Leaderboard and official score at the end of the Match. If a team member is inadvertently disconnected from the ECS ‘21 match while live, it will not change the outcome of the match. We understand that technology is not 100% failsafe and while those experiences are unfortunate we accept them as a condition of the event and work hard to prevent that scenario – however that is a possibility. If the entire HungerDome tournament server is taken offline unexpectedly, due to a significant technology failure, world, weather, or other catastrophic event, ArtCraft Entertainment will in its sole discretion determine whether or not the event will be rescheduled and/or what, if any, additional actions will be taken to remedy the situation.

When can I start playing HungerDome to see if I’d like to take part in the tournament?

If you have access to play Crowfall, either through being a Crowfall Backer or through some other means (access as part of an active, entitled Crowfall Beta Group, Beta Access via Codes distributed online by approved Crowfall Partners/ECS Sponsor companies or other approved means of gaining Beta Access entitlement), you can play HungerDome immediately by accessing it from the main menu in the game lobby.

Are Crowfall Streamers and Affiliates able to take part?

Based on the stated Eligibility terms in the Eligibility section of the ECS ‘21 website, per the “EMPLOYEES/CONFLICTS OF INTEREST” sub-section, official Crowfall Affiliates are not eligible to participate. We appreciate the interest in participating in the ECS and recognize it is a personal decision. If any Affiliated Streamers chose to compete they will need to officially end their Affiliation.   Players that stream unofficially are able to take part in the tournament.

Which server is this taking place on?
The event will be operated on a special Crowfall Tournament server dedicated to the ECS ‘21 Tournament event.

Do I have to play on the same server (LIVE or Test) in order for the 10 Required HungerDome matches to count or a combination of both?

During the period of time preceding the close of your application review, or the close of the final Open to Apply period – whichever is relevant to your Team’s pending application, all HungerDome matches played by accounts connected to an ECS registered Team will count towards the total regardless of the server you are playing on.

Is it 5 members per team, or can we have subs? In particular, as you are locked to that team for the whole year/season? 

During the period of time, after a Team has submitted an Application to participate in a Qualifier round(s) and before the last Qualifier open application period has closed, the Team Leader will be responsible for ensuring the team remains as a five player Team as per the official registration of the Team.  At the time that a Qualifier Open Application period closes and the applications are under review for the Team, the only applications that will qualify are those that meet the stated Eligibility requirements and which have Accepted the Official Rules. 

Once the Team is accepted and has agreed to participate, the Team is locked. There are no substitutions or changes after that point as the official Event will already be live (first match is on May 1) and concludes within a short 25-day window immediately following the close of the last application period on May 5. If an issue arises during one of the three stages of the Tournament, the Team Leader must reach out to the Tournament Director (wolfgurl#1861) to discuss if or how the situation can be resolved in a manner that is consistent with the Official Rules and Eligibility.

What are the factors that go into choosing applications for who makes it to qualifiers? 

Per the Application, “ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS” section:
ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS – Minimum of 10 Matches Played in Hunger Dome

  • Note: Eligible Teams are required to play a minimum of 10 Hunger Dome Matches to qualify for entry into the Series
  • Account Names: The Display name of the player Accounts associated with the Team must reflect the actual account which will be played in the ECS ‘21 Event
  • HungerDome Matches: ACE reserves the right to review your Team’s performance in Hunger Dome matches to validate the Team’s competitive profile and suitability for the ECS with other criteria on this form alongside other applicants.
  • Suitability: Final invitations to Teams to compete is based on the above along with application criteria and suitability as determined by ArtCraft; final competitor invitations and determination of suitability is at the sole discretion of ACE.

Note: The Application opens April 13, 2021 at 10 AM PT.

How will you prevent cheating during the tournament? 

Per the Official Rules, sub-section A “Registration Deadlines and Acceptance of Official Rules”- as articulated in the seventh bullet point: ACE reserves the right to disqualify any Competitor it finds to be tampering with the operation of the ECS or any Live Event, or to be acting in violation of these Official Rules. 

I believe it is required to have a account. Why?  

After further review, we have removed that requirement from the Official Rules.

Will ACE host official voice channels for the teams? Or will they need to use their own server?

ACE will not be hosting official voice channels for the Teams competing in the ECS ‘21 Tournament. 

Will team data be posted publicly? Such as a searchable guild page on the website now.

ACE will be posting official outcomes of each match for review by the general public on the ECS Brackets page covering the status of all Teams competing in the ECS ‘21 Tournament by event.

Do all players in the team have to be from an eligible country or just the team Leader?

All players approved to participate in the Event must fulfill and meet the stated requirements as listed on the Eligibility and Official Rules sections of the site. The list of eligible countries can be found at the bottom of the Official Rules document on the ECS Site.

Will the finals be broadcasted in other languages? Or just English?

At this point, we can only confirm English.

Will there be a separate tournament Game Server? If so, will the tournament server be required for the initial qualifier?

Yes, there will be a separate Eternal Champions Series Tournament Server and it will be required to download for all players accepted into the Tournament events. 

Do the 10 matches have to be played together as a team or individually? 

You can play in HungerDome with your team or individually with other Teams. However, the 10 matches requirement is meant to be played as a Team. We want to be sure that Teams we accept into the competition have achieved a level of competitive skill in HungerDome that comes from playing as a Team. 

If you contributed to Crowfall via Crowd Funding or Kickstarter, or purchased a Kickstarter Pack through a Trusted Trader, are you allowed to compete?

If you are a player who contributed to the development of Crowfall via Crowd Funding or Kickstarter pack purchase, you are approved to apply to compete in the Eternal Champion Series. There is no legally recognized conflict of interest in your relationship with ArtCraft Entertainment. 

Once invited, will the Team Leader get to pick the Qualifier event they want to be in or is it chosen for us? 

You will be invited to compete in a specific Qualifier Event which will be identified in your email invite confirmation.

How does the Hunger move or change throughout the match?

The Hunger fog shrinks over time for the duration of the match. During the end of Winter, the Hunger shrinks to a small circular area and pauses. After some time, it shrinks again to an even smaller circular area and pauses again. Eventually, the Hunger collapses entirely, killing everyone left alive.

Will the HungerDome be available to play during the application period so that Teams can achieve the “play 10 matches” requirement? 

HungerDome will be available for Testing throughout the registration period. While we cannot guarantee any specific number of hours due to the nature of Testing and technology, our goal is to make it accessible to players every day for a period of time. Matches last one hour and therefore we believe it will be possible to achieve the 10 play sessions prior to the close of the Application submission period (prior to May 5 the final close date).