The Glosbe Campaign is Coming!

Call the Banners! The Glosbe Campaign is Coming! 

Campaign Schedule
(NA) The Glosbe Campaign NA Starts: Monday, April 12th at 4 PM CDT (7PM CEST)
The Campaign ends Thursday, April 15th at 11 PM CDT (Friday, April 16th, 6 AM CEST)
(EU) The Glosbe Campaign EU Starts: Monday April 12th at 7 PM CEST  (Noon CDT)
The Campaign ends Thursday April 15th at 11 PM CEST on LIVE (4PM CDT).

Imports & Win Conditions for those Fighting for Victory!
Embargo Imports: 50
Embargo Exports: 50

Win Conditions & Conquest Points

  • The faction or Guild earning the most Conquest Points by the end of the campaign is declared the winner by the Gods! 
  • Additional rewards will be rewarded to top Guilds, and their members, for achieving top score in Divine Favor categories: Glory, Wealth, and Power. See the Rewards tab of the Campaign for details on winners and rewards.

Fight for the Gods as you set a path to victory!
You must be Level 25 to enter this Campaign!