Call to Arms – Known Issues (Update: March 31st)

Resolved with Patch 2:

  • [Mobile] Target locking after tapping the auto-attack button does not work
    • Note: You can Drag/Hold instead of Tapping to help with changing the target, but if you move around a lot and spam the button, this could cause the target to change constantly

Resolved with Patch 1:

  • [UI] Marketplace has no paging
  • Crafting recipe of T5 Caerleon Greywolf contains the incorrect city heart
  • Faction points gained through Premium Status currently do not count towards the Faction Campaign
  • Fish Sandwiches and Fish Soups are missing their Spell Descriptions
  • Faction PvE buff is not re-applied when character gets up after knockdown or respawns in same cluster
  • Potions/Food turn invisible when equipped into inventory with Loadouts via Chest, while exactly one Stack in Chest is too high
    • Temporary workaround: You can either relog or use sort option in inventory to reveal the items

Resolved with hotfix:

  • [Mobile] Marketplace buildings in Lymhurst, Thetford and Fort Sterling are missing
  • Hellgates, Corrupted and Solo Dungeons are not spawning as frequently as intended
  • Disconnecting while knocked down in Faction Warfare can cause some players to remain knocked down indefinitely
  • Temporary workaround: Please try to ask for a GM for help in the ingame chat