[March 17th] Server going down for Hotfix at 21:30 UTC (Update: 21:50 UTC)

Update (21:50 UTC):

Mytherceria schrieb:

Hi everyone,

The server is back and the issues stated have been resolved.

Thanks for your patience!

– Mytherceria

Hi everyone,

We are taking the server down temporarily for a hotfix in roughly ~ 10 minutes at 21:30 UTC to resolve the following issues:

  • Hellgates, Corrupted and Solo Dungeons are not spawning as frequently as intended
  • [Mobile] Marketplace buildings in Lymhurst, Thetford and Fort Sterling are missing
  • Disconnecting while knocked down in Faction Warfare can cause some players to remain knocked down indefinitely

This should take about ~ 15 minutes until the server comes back online again. We will update you as we go along.

– Mytherceria & Dev Team