Duel exploit using different elevations

Hi everyone,

We are aware of a duel exploit going around where players use two similar characters placed at different elevations in certain locations, such as the Conquerors’ Hall or near the Realmgate, to obtain silver from their opponents. The first character is placed on the ground level and used as a distraction by asking people to duel him. The second character is placed on an upper level at maximum distance for the duel and sends out the duel invite for a silver wager instead. If players accept the duel invite and move around during the duel countdown, they will instantly lose the duel and silver.

We consider abusing this to be an exploit under clause 15.5.4 of our Terms and Conditions and those who do so will be sanctioned accordingly. If you see anyone abusing this, please file a report by writing to support@albiononline.com and provide any evidence you might have, such as approximate server time, names of characters involved, the silver amount lost and ideally footage of the incident.

Our developers are currently working on a fix for this issue and it will be resolved in an upcoming patch.

– Mytherceria & Dev Team