Next Q&A + Dregs

Hey folks,

I mentioned in our last Q&A that it might make sense to do an off-cycle “bonus” Q&A session this month — but given the severe weather in Austin this week (with power and/or water being out for more than half of our team) that doesn’t really make sense any more.  The next one is only a week and a half away (March 2nd), so I’m going to suggest we hold off and cover everything then.  

A lot of you have also been asking about getting a Dregs campaign on Live — we were hoping to do that this week, but that has been delayed, as well.  There are a few more issues we need to iron out.  The freeze is supposed to be over tomorrow, so hopefully we can get a Dregs campaign running on Test in the next few days and push it to Live quickly once we know those issues are resolved. 

Sorry for the delay.  The important thing is that the team is safe and things are moving forward again.  Thanks for the concern, and we appreciate your patience.