Community Crunch 254: Last Week In ARK, Community Corner, and More!

Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch!

Love Evolved is live from February 11th – February 18th, and packs new skins, chibis, 3x rates and more! Check out the post below for more information.

Playstation Update:
We have set the event rates live on our Official Playstation network, and, we’re eager to get the Love Evolved Event content into our Playstation Community’s hands. The build is good and currently going through the publishing process. We hope to be able to set that live for you today. Apologies for the delay in deploying the update. We’ll keep you posted!

Last Week In ARK

This week we take a look at the average level of a player when a wild dino kills them. We’ve seen a lot of interest in these stats and we’ll continue digging up interesting stats for you to see!

Video Evidence for Support Tickets

Solving some types of enforcement tickets comes down to having good evidence. For reports regarding certain cheats and exploits, a video goes a long way towards our enforcement team’s investigative process. We’ve updated the Navigation Bar, under Support, in the website to include a helpful guide in recording videos depending on the platform you’re playing on.

We hope you find this helpful when creating your support tickets!

Steam Lunar Sale

🏮 Happy Lunar New Year! We’re kicking off the Lunar New year with an ARK sale. Get it now while it’s up to 80% off! 🏮

ARK | Steam Lunar Sale

EVO Event

There is an ongoing EVO Event from February 11th – February 18th as part of the Love Evolved event.

3X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation)


3X Harvesting

3X Taming

Community Corner

🎥 Clips/Videos 🎥

🎥 Creator: Rubius Z

#ARKADIA, an ARK event by a group of content creators, launched this week with much excitement. Join Rubius Z as he starts his ARK adventure! Check this out to find out more about the content creators that are involved and be sure to give the event Twitter account a follow.

🎥 Creator: sam_stimo

Check out this Viking town build, complete with a port, docks, houses, a blacksmith, and more!

🎥 Creator: nohistoryheregaming

Never know when a friendly raptor is looking to welcome you to the neighborhood 🤗.

🎥 Creator: Sheplaysit

You really can’t rush a good ale 🍻.

🎥 Creator: UpFromTheDepths

In this documentary-style video series, UpFromTheDepths explores ARK in an entirely new way. This episode, Snowbound, focuses on the harsh winter season.

🎥 Creator: NoHistoryHereGaming

You never know when that friendly raptor wants to welcome you to the neighborhood 🤗.

🎥 Creator: IamMacMan

Join I Am MacMan as they take us on a tour of their Owl Trade Base in this build showcase video.

🎨 Fan Art 🎨

🎨 EmilyStepp – ARK Armored Reaper Concept

🎨 NeoVanilluxe – ARK Dodorex

🎨 Natahi-4 – Spinosaurus Aquareliga

🎨 RRRaven#0666 (Discord)

📷 In-Game Screenshots 📷

📷 GirlKingThatOddThing#2542

📷 KingWillrus#2876

📷 Sandi#9998

📷 auztyle#7907

See you next week! Studio Wildcard

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