Weekend play testing plan for TEST – February 5th

Happy Weekend Crows!

This weekend, we’d like you to focus on a few different areas on TEST.  To help ensure that you can level and gear up quickly, TEST has free vendors available.  

  • We’d like to verify that the Crash issue (primarily encountered while teleporting or zoning) is fixed, so please let us know if you experience a crash by reporting it on the forums and more importantly to support@crowfall.com (please attach your log files and a description of what was happening prior to the crash). 
  • Please play through the entire Infected tutorial and let us know in the bug forum if anything is not working correctly or doesn’t seem right. 
  • Try 6 v 6 player fights in Dregs! We want to hear your feedback on how these fights work out. Please be sure to mention in your feedback report that you were testing 6v6 out! 
  • We’d like your feedback for Dregs Sieges, please let us know if you see anything that is broken or not working as it should. 

Please report anything that you feel is not working as it should on our bug forum. This is important to us and aids in identifying any issues that would prevent us from moving this version to our LIVE Beta server. 

Thank you all for your assistance and have a great weekend!