The Most Beautiful Faces Winner Announcement

All of the entries that we received for the Beautiful Faces contest have impressed not only the ArcheAge Team but our wonderful jury consisting of Pretzl Cosplay, Vivid Vision, Issabel Cosplay, and Tine Marie Riis. While the decision was difficult, the final winners have been selected by our Jury and we’re here to unveil them for all!

And the winners are…

The first place winner is crystalbruises!
The second place winner is jammymakeup
The third place goes to toki_made
Fourth place went to tmb_cosplay
Fifth place belongs to emmariley.24
Sixth place went to abdallahenawy
Seventh place went to annet_ruban
Eighth place went to bryan.mua
Ninth place went to marleneobriendesigns
and last but not least, our tenth place winner is blinkscoscave!

Congratulations to all of our talented winners! To receive your prize, please get in contact with our support team at to claim your prize. If required, you will need to create a free Glyph Account to get in contact if you don’t have one already!

And for all of our participants of the Beautiful Faces Contest, you will receive a special participation package in-game for your hard work and wonderful entries.