MightyTeapot’s Ultimate Beginner’s Guides

ArenaNet Partner MightyTeapot is back with two video guides sure to give you a jump start on your adventures! To view subtitles in English, German, French, or Spanish, turn on closed captioning and select a language in the video’s settings.

The first episode is a thorough overview of the Guild Wars 2 user interface, covering everything from your Hero panel to your skill bar. Learn how to join a party or squad, sell your items on the Trading Post when you’re far from town, and fight your way out of the downed state.

The third episode of the Guild Wars 2 Ultimate Beginner’s Guides covers boons and conditions. You’ll learn what they do, how to apply them, and what to do if you end up on the wrong end of a nasty condition. If you need a primer on combat fundamentals, check out the second episode in the series, too!