Introducing Classic PvP Season 4!

Classic PvP Season 4

Season 4 kicks off on Friday 2/5/21 at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST.

Classic PvP is a competitive player experience for PC players that focuses on the PvP experience from the days of old. Season 3 saw the introduction of breedable Wyverns and Stegos which brought an impactful change to the meta, so this season. Each season will introduce new changes and will continue to evolve along with the base game.

This week we’ll be kicking off Season 4 of Classic PvP (bringing an end to the current season). If you’re unfamiliar with what Classic PvP is, there’s a quick breakdown below.

Classic PvP Breakdown

Experience gain, taming, gathering, breeding, hatching, and raising rates have been doubled compared to our standard Official Servers (2x)

Tribes are set to 25 players max

Tribe alliances are disabled, though informal alliances are allowed

Servers have a maximum player count of 100

These maps will be available: The Island, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Valguero, and The Center

Tek dinos (Tek Parasaur, Tek Quetzal, Tek Rex, Tek Raptor, Tek Stego), Paracer, Tapejara, and the Titanosaur are not available for taming on Classic PvP

All Aberration and Extinction content is unavailable on Classic PvP

Scaling of weapon damage has been reduced

No TEK Engrams

No cave building

Cryopods enabled

Season 4 Changes

Tamed Stegosaurus Resistance reduced by 35%

Tamed Quetzal Resistance reduced by 20%

Tamed Wyvern Resistance reduced by 20%

Tamed Wyvern Damage reduced by 20%

Reaper Queen added to the Valguero Aberration Zone