Community Crunch 252: Last Week In ARK and the Community Corner

Last Week In ARK

Welcome to another edition of the Community Crunch!

In Last Week In Ark, we’ve seen some changes in the Players Killed By Weapon Type. While things remained the same on XBOX, we saw slight changes in both XBOX and PC in the weapons players chose to use compared to last week.

Kills By Wild Dino Type shows us the same creatures but overall deaths by these four creatures have reduced by 14.9% when compared to last week. We’ll keep looking for more interesting stats to share with you!

EVO Event

There will be no EVO event this week

Community Corner

In light of all the amazing content being shared by the ARK community, we’ll be expanding the Fan Art section and renaming it ‘Community Corner’ to include more than fan art. You can expect to find a variety of community content that is being shared across social platforms (Twitch, Discord, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, Facebook).


How to Build a Large House/New Roof Building Design – The Pilgrimz

The Pilgrimz demonstrates how to build with a new roof design in his latest video.

How to Build a Modern House – Aaron Longstaff

Aaron Longstaff designs a modern house and takes you along for the ride.

Star Wars Astromech Droid Speed Build – Sypher Sam

Pulling off a Star Wars build is no easy feat, but Sypher Sam does it with ease in this video.

Fan Art

ARK Rock Drake – Sonne-Spiritwind

Strawberry – algiz0

Reaper Queen A3 – sevvydeb

WIP (Discord) – niceguysrage#2040

In-Game Screenshots

Roxy#2612 (Discord)

Khal Alastor -Dusk-#8673 (Discord)

Project Fjördur – Nekatus

Enjoy your weekend survivors! Studio Wildcard

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