ArcheAge: Unchained : Wielding the Beauty

Brighten up the dreary winter days with the help of new Costume Crates to mix and match with your other favorite Image Items. Then, with the Obsidian Nodachi/Greatsword, Clubs/Axes, Greatclubs/Greataxes, and Instrument boxes, you can change your weapon images for the perfect look! And because every adventurer needs the occasional pampering, treat yourself to the Bound Hotspring Pond. This and more are available with this week’s anticipated Marketplace Update!

Mix and Match Your Style!

If you’re looking to expand your repertoire of brand new image items, look no further than right here! Shop some of the latest Costume Crates to mix and match the image items to your heart’s content.

Please note that most of these Crates will leave the shop on February 11, but the Illion Costume Crate and Mahra Tali Costume Crate will disappear on February 4!

Illion Costume Crate – 1500 Credits
Contains the following:
– Image Item: Illion Helm
– Image Item: Illion Cuirass
– Image Item: Illion Greaves
– Image Item: Illion Gauntlets
– Image Item: Illion Sabatons

Illion Costume Crate

Brutal Annihilator Costume Crate – 1500 Credits

Contains the following:
– Image Item: Brutal Annihilator Helm
– Image Item: Brutal Annihilator Cuirass
– Image Item: Brutal Annihilator Greaves
– Image Item: Brutal Annihilator Gauntlets
– Image Item: Brutal Annihilator Sabatons

Screaming Shadow Costume Crate – 1500 Credits
Contains the following:
– Image Item: Screaming Shadow Cap
– Image Item: Screaming Shadow Jerkin
– Image Item: Screaming Shadow Breeches
– Image Item: Screaming Shadow Fists
– Image Item: Screaming Shadow Boots

Cold Flames Costume Crate – 1500 Credits
Contains the following:
– Image Item: Cold Flames Hood
– Image Item: Cold Flames Shirt
– Image Item: Cold Flames Pants
– Image Item: Cold Flames Gloves
– Image Item: Cold Flames Shoes

Cold Flames Costume Crate

Mahra Tali Costume Crate – 1500 Credits

Contains the following:
– Image Item: Mahra Tali Cap
– Image Item: Mahra Tali Jerkin
– Image Item: Mahra Tali Breeches
– Image Item: Mahra Tali Fists
– Image Item: Mahra Tali Boots

Mahra Tali Costume Crate

A Hedgie Friend for All!

With the Hedgie Crate, you can get your hands on a random new little Hedgie friend – complete with a silly hat – for the price of 3000 Credits. This brand new companion can give a boost to your Vocation Badges gained for a short time.

Hedgie Crate [Unchained] – 3000 Credits
Grants one of the following:
– Chef Hedgie
– Butler Hedgie
– Farmer Hedgie

Warm Up to Nature

A true adventurer isn’t afraid to relax and enjoy the finer things in life! The Bound Hotspring Pond has two temperature modes to keep you warm during the harsh winter months and cool in the hot summers of Erenor! After taking some time to chill out in your brand new hotspring, hop on into your brand new Oak Treehouse – after some assembly, of course. Please note that the Bound Hotspring Pond item is purely cosmetic and will not cleanse the Pure Mind debuff and is available until February 11.

Bound Hotspring Pond – 1800 Credits*

*Limited to 1x per account
** Limited to 1x per character

Royal Authority and Simple Elegance

Honor the Aust Kingdom by wielding weapons from the Royal Guard of that era. Pick out your favorite Royal Aust Weapon Image Item for only 200 Credits until February 11!

Royal Aust Weapon Ticket – 200 Credits
Choose one of the following:
– Royal Aust Shield
– Royal Aust Sword
– Royal Aust Greatsword
– Royal Aust Katana
– Royal Aust Nodachi
– Royal Aust Dagger
– Royal Aust Shortspear
– Royal Aust Longspear
– Royal Aust Scepter
– Royal Aust Staff
– Royal Aust Club
– Royal Aust Greatclub
– Royal Aust Axe
– Royal Aust Greataxe
– Royal Aust Bow

Obsidian Weapons and Instruments

Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies with assorted Obsidian Weapon Image Items. Additionally, if you want to give your instruments a brand new look, there are Obsidian Images for that, too! These items are available until February 4, so grab them while you still can!

Obsidian Clubs/Axes (Unchained) – 600 Credits
Contains the following:
Image Item: Gatekeeper’s Lament (Axe)
Image Item: Warden’s Justice (Axe)
Image Item: Nui’s Dawn (Club)
Image Item: Merciful Sunset (Club)
Image Item: Sunlord’s Conquest (Club)

Obsidian Nodachis/Greatswords (Unchained) – 600 Credits
Contains the following:
Image Item: Razor Visage (Nodachi)
Image Item: Winged Sun (Nodachi)
Image Item: Life Stealer (Nodachi)
Image Item: Kingsbane (Greatsword)
Image Item: Fir Queen’s Tears (Greatsword)

Obsidian Greatclubs/Greataxes (Unchained) – 480 Credits
Contains the following:
Image Item: Embalmer’s Weeping (Greatclub)
Image Item: Nui’s Devotion (Greatclub)
Image Item: Eternal Bond (Greatclub)
Image Item: Warlord’s Pride (Greataxe)
Image Item: Victor’s Passion (Greataxe)

Obsidian Instruments (Unchained) – 480 Credits
Contains the following:
Image Item: Enchanting Scroll (Lute)
Image Item: Wayfaring Master (Flute)
Image Item: Bard’s Scroll (Lute)
Image Item: Violet Waltz (Flute)

Mooooo-ve Over Old Wardrobe

It’s never too early to prepare for springtime – the season of blooming flowers and warmer temps to happily tend your livestock. Commit to a wardrobe change and get ahead of the curve with the upcoming latest fashions until February 11!

Princess Greeniette Costume – 2000 Credits
Prince Yateo Costume – 2000 Credits
Dairy Farmer Chroma – 2450 Credits
Milkmaid Chroma – 2450 Credits
Icekissed Warrior Garb – 3200 Credits

Mix It Up (on a Budget)!

Change up your appearance with the Bound Wrapped 15-Day Salon Certificate, and have 15-Days to change your character’s look as often as you want, or pick up Dye Tickets to change the color of your favorite costumes while they’re on sale!

Bound Wrapped 15-Day Salon Certificate – 7000 Credits
Dye Ticket x3 – 500 Credits

Icekissed Warrior Garb

Diligence Store Additions

Welcome the newest additions to our Diligence Store! Ride through the mountains of Erenor with the Stormrose mount, build a brand new Oak Treehouse, or claim a new companion – the Kindled Spirit or Black Fledgling Phoenix! Most of these items are available until July 22.

Stormrose – 400 Diligence Coins
Kindled Spirit – 400 Diligence Coins
Kindled Spirit Powerstone – 120 Diligence Coins
Full Kit: Oak Treehouse – 500 Diligence Coins (Available until February 11)
Grim Reaver – 400 Diligence Coins (Available until July 29)
Black Fledgling Phoenix – 400 Diligence Coins (Available until July 29)

Please note that the Kindled Spirit’s tooltip specifies “Auction House Trade Only”. However, this item is bound and therefore can’t be trade!

These offers won’t last forever, so get your favorite item while you can!