ArcheAge: Unchained : Ride and Glide For Eternity!

They are back! After their incredible success last December on ArcheAge: Unchained, the Winter Maiden Gifts Mounts and Gliders are back for a limited time!

The spirit of winter takes you to the skies!

So many gliders and magithopters, it’s a dream come true! Each of these gliders is beautiful and will make you stand out, so try your luck now!

Winter Maiden Gift: Glider (Unchained) – 2500 Credits

Grants randomly one of the following:
– Faelight Wings
Twilight Wings
– Cumulus Magithopter
– Nightfire Glider
– Crystal Wings
– Rocket Wings #2
– Stormduster 1000
– Wings of Immortality
– Wings of Terror
– Wings of Protection
– Wings of Revenge
– Astra Wings
– Umbrella Magithopter

Companionship doesn’t wait

Whether you are aiming for a particular mount that is missing from your collection or you’re simply looking for a new companion to explore Erenor with you, we got you!

Winter Maiden Gift: Mount (Unchained) – 2500 Credits

Grants randomly one of the following:
– Frost Dragon
– Flaming Soulscar
– Freezing Soulscar
– Vanhi
– Hellwing Pegasus
– Soulmule
– Royal Griffin
– Coral
– Steel Lightning
– Stormwing Pegasus
– Siegeram Taurus
– Celestial Pegasus

These offers are available HERE, in our Glyph Store, now until February 3 at 2 PM UTC, don’t miss it!