Beta Buddy Codes – Now Offer Extended Beta Access Time!

Crows, in December, Crowfall gifted our Backers, with five Beta Buddy Codes to share with friends over the holidays as our way of saying, thanks for your support. Recently, we realized that we would need to do a wipe of the service in advance of the next update (6.400); that news drove many of you to ask if we could extend the activation period for the Beta Buddy Codes – so friends could start fresh with you as of the release of the next game update. The answer is yes, we agree that is a great idea! 

  • As of today, all of the Buddy codes are active for a period of 45 days from the date of activation
  • If you received a code and activated it in December, we will extend that code to remain active through Sunday February 14, 2021 – if the code was never activated you have 45-days available
  • The process to activate codes remains the same, first login to your Account Profile on 

    • In the options section, on the left-side of your profile, check out the Codes Section
    • There you will find 5 Beta Codes to share, offering your friends 45-days of Beta access
    • The Beta Buddy Codes can be redeemed by friends when registering a new account
    • Codes can be entered into the Code entry user-interface in the registration flow
  • For more information on the Beta program your friends can visit

Please Note:

  • Beta Buddy Codes cannot be redeemed on active Crowfall Backer accounts
  • Beta Buddy Codes can be redeemed on a registered Crowfall account; without a Backer Pack
  • Updated information on Crowfall Beta Test is available at
  • New Beta Buddy Accounts will need to download the Crowfall LIVE playtest patcher
  • When downloading the Beta playtest patcher, you must be logged in to your account
  • Beta Accounts must agree to the Crowfall Terms of Service and Privacy Policy