#gamigotrees Extended!

During these difficult times, you made a difference in the #gamigotrees charity event. 2020 has been a year of challenges, but you made sure to end it with the spirit of generosity!

Together, all our gamers pledged over 77k trees in just over 4 weeks. This is a major success! However, our job isn’t done quite yet. We’ve extended our charity event to January 30, 2021 – however with the extension comes a new goal. Our goal is to pledge 100,000 trees before our charity event ends. Embark in our everyday mission to ensure cleaner air, water, and healthier soil.

For every purchase with a Garden Lockbox, Grove Pack, or Forest Pack from gamigo during our Stretch Goal period, you will receive an additional free gift! For every package purchased, Eden Reforestation Projects promises to plant trees around the world making it a greener and healthier place to be.

If you purchase the Garden Lockbox for $4.99, receive 2x Small Toadstools free and Eden Reforestation Projects will plant 5 trees!
If you purchase the Grove Pack for $9.99, receive Mushroom Table Lamp as a free gift and Eden Reforestation Projects will plant 10 trees!
If you purchase the Forest Pack for $19.99, receive a Mushroom Plushie as a free gift and Eden Reforestation Projects will plant 20 trees!

If you have purchased all 3 packages during our Stretch Goal period and before our goal is reached, you will receive the Gweonid Vine Giant pet as a thank you!
Keep in mind to receive the final reward, the 3 packages purchased have to be for the same version of the game.

When will the players receive their free gifts?
After the event ends on January 31, 2021!

These packages will be available for purchase on our charity website until January 30, 2021. Get yours here and let’s make a bigger positive impact on our environment!

Make sure to #StaySafe and play ArcheAge.