Login Tracker and Badge Changes

Good news everyone! We are making some changes to our Login Tracker and Login Badge rewards! Starting January 1, the Daily Login Tracker will offer you new rewards! Along with that, the rewards you can buy with the Login Badges you saved throughout the weeks are also changing! You can get a Golden Manticore and more shinies!

What are the new items? Tell me more!

After these changes take place on January 1 at 1 AM UTC, your daily rewards throughout the month of January will look like this:

Base Rewards
Day 1 – Gilda Star x5
Day 2 – Manastorm Crystal x5
Day 3 – Honorable Potion Crate: Rank 5 x1
Day 4 – Radiant Infusion Supply Kit x5
Day 5 – Bound Eco-Friendly Fuel Bundle x5
Day 6 – Kyrios Badge x20
Day 7 – Bound Lucky Elixir x2
Day 8 – Bound Immortal XP Tonic x3
Day 9 – Manastorm Crystal x10
Day 10 – Honorable Potion Crate: Rank 5 x1
Day 11 – Bound Noble Blessings Feast Table x3
Day 12 – Fairy Protection x1
Day 13 – Bound Elixir of Vocation x2
Day 14 – Bound Elixir of Vocation x3
Day 15 – Consumable Supplies Pack x1
Day 16 – Manastorm Crystal x15
Day 17 – Honorable Potion Crate: Rank 5 x1
Day 18 – Bound Noble Blessings Feast Table x3
Day 19 – Resplendent Temper Ticket x3″
Day 20 – Kyrios Badge x30
Day 21 – Bound Elixir of Honor x2
Day 22 – Auroran Synthesis Box x1
Day 23 – Manastorm Crystal x20
Day 24 – Honorable Potion Crate: Rank 5 x1
Day 25 – Bound Noble Blessings Feast Table x3
Day 26 – Bound Elixir of Hunt x2
Day 27 – Serendipity Stone x2
Day 28 – Login Badge x1

Patron Rewards
Day 4 – Bound Resplendent Tempering Charm Box x1
Day 11 – Bound Anchoring Tempering Charm Box x1
Day 18 – Manastorm Crystal x20
Day 25 – Bound Labor Recharger x5

And here are the rewards you can get with your Login Badges!
Patrol Mech Battle Box – x4 Login Badges
Homecoming Ball Attire – x3 Login Badges
Wagon Upgrade Ticket – x1 Login Badges
Golden Manticore – x2 Login Badges
Mad Steambike Design – x3 Login Badges
Scroll: Predator Longliner – x3 Login Badges

You can exchange your Login Badges at the Login Badge Exchanger on Mirage Isle.

There’s no time to waste! Log in daily and exchange your Badges before these rewards vanish on January 31, 2021, at 1 AM UTC!