Create Your Unique EVE Video

Highly active Capsuleers,

It has been an amazing year for EVE Online and its Capsuleers; a year of broken records, landmark achievements, great changes, and vast amounts of activity in New Eden. So, it’s time to celebrate all of your achievements and activities in EVE throughout YC122 (often referred to as 2020) and create your own, unique, “My Year in EVE” video!

Whether you’ve spent your time basking in combat glory, exploring the mysterious depths of wormhole space, making a killing in industry, or all of the above, this year you get to choose elements of your exploits in space to feature in the video alongside the core information and statistics.

If you are an active Omega pilot, then you are eligible for a “My Year in EVE” video. You will be able to choose which character to feature on your account, but keep in mind that only one character per account will get a video.

Get started and create your video today, share it with your friends and on social media using #MyEVE2020, then revel in their adoration! Or just do it purely for bragging rights. Whatever you do, don’t miss this opportunity to immortalize your victories and milestones from a great year in EVE!