Getting Ready for New Year’s!

The end of the year is coming closer, so there is no time to waste to start your preparations! Be in Nebe’s favor, sleigh through the snow, don your festive wardrobe, and grab your fireworks. It’s almost time to start the celebrations!

Marketplace Update – ArcheAge Free-to-Play

Glide High
This Magithopter looks like Nebe’s most valued possession. Leave a hot mug of mead at your front door, and you’ll be in Nebe’s favor!
Only available until December 29.

Nebe’s Favor Crate – 450 Credits

Enhanced Nebe’s Favor Magithopter

A Festive Pack
Offering the ultimate goodies to festivity, this pack will surely come in handy! Take a ride on the Festive Yaer Sleigh, play joyful music, and show off your reindeer love with an adorable title!

Winter Maiden Pack (Legacy) – 6400 Credits
– Title: Sleigh All Day x1
– Adorable Music Box x1
– 15-Day Scroll: Festive Yaer Sleigh
– Winter Maiden Gift (Legacy)
– Manastorm Box x1
– Round Festival Firework x5
– Heart Festival Firework x5
– Snowflake Festival Firework x5
– Celebratory Festival Firework x5
– Festival Labor Boost x5

*Limited to 1x per account

Festive Yaer Sleigh

Dashing Through the Snow
For only 800 Loyalty Nebe bestows this Yaer Sleigh upon you. It was designed for efficient travel through the harsh snows, so you might want to get your hands on that!

Scroll: Festive Yaer Sleigh – 800 Loyalty

Manage Your Building
The Building Management Title allows you to trade and modify buildings, land expansions, or full kit demolitions.

Building Management Title x5 – 1250 Credits

Marketplace Update – ArcheAge: Unchained

Wardrobe for New Year’s
Get ready for Nayah Luna with just the right wardrobe or dress to impress with the Dragon Cultist Duster, imbued with the flames of the Red Dragon himself!

Lovely New Year’s Costume – 1200 Credits
Lucky New Year’s Costume – 1200 Credits
Hopeful New Year’s Costume – 1200 Credits
Lucky New Year Activewear – 1200 Credits
Pure New Year Activewear – 1200 Credits
Dragon Cultist Duster – 2000 Credits

New Year Activewear | New Year’s Costume

Santa’s Gift
Gifted by Santa, this Bed is sure to be the comfiest one you have ever slept in!

Santa’s Gift Bed – 1500 Credits

Dance the Night Away
Surprise your friends with a dance that just works you out and dance the night away. The Pole Dance is not as easy as it seems!

Bound Dance: Pole Dance – 1000 Credits

Bound Dance: Pole Dance | Dragon Cultist Duster

A Tree for Diligence
This Majestic Tree is waiting to get planted! Head over to the Diligence Store, fulfill its dreams, and it shall yield additional Earthmana Leaves.

Bound Majestic Tree x3 – 30 Diligence Coins

Miscellaneous Offers
Whether you require a more efficient way to collect your loot, amazing boosts, or a tree to plant – these offers got your back!

Bound Majestic Tree – 300 Credits
30-Day Auto-Loot Powerstone – 1500 Credits
Snowflake Honor Fireworks x1 – 50 Credits*
Snowflake Honor Fireworks x5 – 200 Credits*
Winter Prosperity Fireworks x1 – 50 Credits*
Winter Prosperity Fireworks x5 – 200 Credits*

*Limited to 1x per account

Attention please: with today’s Marketplace Update you can see new items in our “Gifts” category. However, they are not available yet. Keep an eye on our news to know more!

These offers will vanish on January 7 as fast as fireworks in the sky do, so get your hands on them while you can!